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St Nicholas’ Court

RNW and North Walsham Town Council are at the early stages of a joint two part project to renovate St. Nicholas Court (‘The Precinct’). This project will improve the quality and historic character of the area, bringing broad scale improvements to the area to attract residents, businesses and tourists alike. The first stage planned for […]

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Then and now

I got sent this great picture the other day, taken from almost exactly the same angle as one by  Rev Paul Cubitt when the tower rebuild was going on earlier this year. It’s amazing how little has changed – even the parking is of a similar standard! Click the image for the full experience

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Website preview

Well, here it is. We’re still a little lacking in content at the moment; gathering feedback from the Regenerate North Walsham committee first, but we’d love to know what you’d like to see from this site.

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