St Nicholas’ Court

RNW and North Walsham Town Council are at the early stages of a joint two part project to renovate St. Nicholas Court (‘The Precinct’). This project will improve the quality and historic character of the area, bringing broad scale improvements to the area to attract residents, businesses and tourists alike.
The first stage planned for early 2017 will be a heritage based project involving drawing up plans of the original layout of Ship Yard, Bear Yard and Mitre Tavern Yard and interviewing members of the community who remember the town (pre 1970) and the three yards which were demolished (or partly demolished) to make way for St Nicholas Court. Historians Dr. Becky Taylor and Dr. Ben Jones from the UEA will be advising us on the social history and archiving side of the project and will help us create an oral and visual archive with the help of the UEA Film editing suite. The second stage will be a capital project to re-surface the pedestrian areas, create a water feature with a temporary stage and provide seating and some historical interpretation features.
We will be carrying out a community consultation from December 5th to 15th to enable us to obtain feedback and suggestions from members of the public about our plans, the consultation will take place at the Town Council Office at 18 Kings Arms Street, North Walsham, NR28 9JX between 10.00 and 12.30 daily, everyone welcome.

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